What was the real story behind the French princess in Braveheart?

Isabella of France

And how did she come to rule England? Gorgeous. Defiant. Looks great in a skirt. But enough about Mel Gibson. Let’s talk about Sophie Marceau’s character, the French princess, Isabella. In the film she has an affair with Mel and has his child, breaking the royal English line. It is a tale of adventure, romance […]

The inspiration behind Stands with a Fist in Dances with Wolves

Cynthia Ann Parker and her daughter, Topʉsana (Prairie Flower), in 1861

One of the greatest and saddest love stories of the Wild West She was christened Cynthia Ann Parker, but she would have told you her name was Naduah, which translates as Keeps Warm With Us. Author and screenwriter Michael Blake said that his character Stands with a Fist was based upon Cynthia. She was born […]

Napoleon and the Rosetta Stone

Napoleon in Ancient Egypt

Finding the Rosetta Stone During the Napoleonic campaign in Egypt in 1799, French soldiers were strengthening the defences of a fort at Rosetta, now Rashid, in the Nile Delta. They uncovered an unusual stone with strange markings that had been used as part of the fortifications. Their officer, Pierre-François Bouchard, ordered the men to stop work. […]

Titanic: was there really a Jack and Rose?

And did they have sex in the back seat of a 1912 Renault? James Cameron, the writer and director of Titanic based Kate Winslet’s character, Rose du Witt Bukater, on real life American artist Beatrice Wood. Like Rose, Beatrice was the daughter of wealthy socialites and defied her parents to pursue a career as an […]