Silk Road

A historical adventure thriller of ancient Cathay.

Amazon multi-bestselling Silk Road paints a captivating story of courage, daring and human frailty onto the grand canvas of the medieval East.

The Holy Land, 1260: Josseran Sarrazini is a Templar Knight, trained for war. But as the Christian garrisons in the Holy Land begin to fall to the Saracen, he is sent on a mission of peace. Haunted by the things he has done, he sees it as a way to escape his past.

His task is formidable. To forge an alliance with Kublai Khan, ruler of the greatest empire in history and commander of the invincible Mongol horde. To ride the treacherous Silk Road to the edge of the known world. To cheat hunger, thirst and death. And to put his trust in a people who do not believe in his cause or his god.

This new world ultimately brings Josseran face to face with a stark choice: keep his Templar oath – or follow the longings of his soul.

​‘Blazing with adventure, epic in scope, and utterly compulsive.’ Waterstone’s UK.

​‘A magisterial tale.’ Daily Mail UK.

‘Sure to find its way onto the bookshelves of lovers of a thrilling tale.’ Liverpool Daily Post.