The Epic Adventure Series

Slik Road

Silk Road

This multi-bestselling thriller paints a story of courage, daring and human frailty onto the grand canvas of the medieval East.
Stigmata cover


A historical thriller set in medieval France weaving age-old mysteries with the only crusade against a Christian country.

Lord of the Atlas cover

Lord Of The Atlas

A historical adventure thriller set in old Morocco. This is a gripping tale of intrigue, loyalty and courage.

Harem cover


An Amazon bestselling historical adventure thriller set in Ottoman Turkey, based on real events.

When We Were Gods cover

When We Were Gods

Cleopatra. Caesar. Mark Antony. Augustus. Only one can rule. Only one can live. A thriller set in the Roman Empire. 

Colossus cover


An alternate historical adventure of Alexander the Great: What if Alexander had not died young?
Feathered Serpent cover

Feathered Serpent

The Mexican bestseller. A historical adventure thriller set against the fall of the Aztecs.



A fast-paced historical thriller of abandonment, retribution and justice loosely based on real events.

Fury: Book 1

The Amazon best-selling novel about the formation of Israel, the indomitable will to survive – and what evil can do to the soul.

Fury Book 2

Fury: Book 2

There are two sides to every story. This Amazon best-selling novel will make you think, cry and see the world differently.

Fever Coast cover

Fever Coast

A gripping historical thriller set against the lawless coasts of 18th century Africa and the brutal European wars in colonial India.

East India cover

East India

A 17th century adventure thriller about shipwreck, survival and the dark side of man, loosely based on real events.
Ends of the Earth cover

Ends Of The Earth

A brand-new sweeping action epic on a breathtaking scale about the lost legion of Carrhae. 

Converso by Colin Falconer cover


From the dungeons of the Inquisition to the last days of the Reconquista and the fall of Granada, this is a sweeping tale of loyalty, betrayal and courage set in medieval Spain.

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