Ends of The Earth

NEW RELEASE: A brand-new sweeping action epic about the lost legion of Carrhae, set against a sprawling canvas of Parthia, the Han dynasty, the Seven Seas of ancient Arab traders, and Rome in the last days of the republic.

The Roman Empire, 53BC: In the wake of catastrophic defeat at the battle of Carrhae, Roman tribune, Valerius, is taken prisoner at the far reaches of the Parthian empire. It is the ends of the earth, and he vows to somehow find a way home.

In Rome, Pompey and Caesar battle for absolute power in the last days of the republic, and senators plot to take sides, as the city convulses into riot and civil war. No one is safe.

Valerius soon realises that if he ever does find his way back, his problems will be far from over. Dark secrets will not stay buried. Politics and intrigue bend to no man. And standing between him and his wife is the man who abandoned him to die on the battlefield.

Ends of the Earth is historical adventure on a breathtaking scale.

‘An excellent read, full of unexpected twists and turns’

‘Epic and brutal and just fantastic’

‘Just brilliant again.’

‘Well written and thoroughly enjoyable’