Colin Falconer

Best-Selling Author

Colin Falconer

Colin Falconer writes historical adventure thrillers, sweeping action epics drawn from many periods of history.

His passion for stories was sparked at a young age, devouring the Classics Illustrated comics given to him by his Aunty Ivy after her trips to Pimlico Markets. By ten, Colin had read everything from Homer’s Odyssey to the entire works of Dumas and H. Rider Haggard as graphic novels.

He loves adventure and travel. Research trips have seen him running with bulls in Spain, cage diving with sharks in South Africa, travelling the Silk Road, chasing black witches across Mexico and climbing the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

Colin has been a writer all his life. He started out in advertising as a copywriter, then worked as a journalist, a magazine columnist and a script writer for radio and television before becoming a full-time novelist. He has published over thirty novels that have been translated into 25 languages.

When not travelling or writing, his hobbies are India Pale Ale and the acoustic guitar. Born and raised in London, he now lives in Fremantle with his wife and spaniels, one of whom has become a minor celebrity on Facebook.


10,000+ five-star reviews. Translated into 25 languages.