Saigon, 1946: Michel Christian is born in a pauper’s hospital during a tropical storm. At five years old, he is thrown out on the dangerous streets to survive as best he can. He is bui doi – the dust of life – and he cares for nothing and no one. But he remembers every beating and every betrayal, and declares vengeance on those who abandoned him.

He grows into a ferocious manhood in the back alleys of wartime Saigon and learns not only to survive, but to thrive, in a pitiless world. Brilliant, chilling and charismatic, there is no prison that can hold him, no policeman he cannot buy. He is a chameleon, invisible and untouchable.

But when the net finally closes around him, Michel must make a choice: trust for the first time in his life – or finally face justice.

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